Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Member of the House of Delegates:

Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force

Fairfax, Virginia
(703) 931-2324

March 5, 2010

Dear Member of the House of Delegates:

I hope that you will consider taking some action to withdraw the invitation to Imam Johari Abdul-Malik of the Dar Al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia to open the Thursday, March 11 session with a prayer. If the invitation cannot be withdrawn than I ask that you boycott that day’s session.

Our members consider it a grave mistake that Imam Abdul-Malik was invited.

In his public statements, Abdul-Malik demonstrates regularly his contempt for the rule of law and his support for terrorist acts against America.  Speaking before the General Assembly is an honor which should be reserved for those who have done something worth honoring.  Abdul-Malik praises those who have attacked our country and attempted to kill the President of the United States.  No American should honor this man or his disgraceful words and behavior.

Abdul-Malik has defended through his public statements convicted terrorists who had plotted against the United States including the assassination of President George W. Bush.

Abdul-Malik defended Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, a Dar Al Hijrah, member who is serving a life sentence in a federal prison for nine counts of terrorism including plotting to assassinate President George W. Bush, kill members of Congress and bomb restaurants, nightclubs and other public places across America.

''Our whole community is under siege,'' Abdul-Malik told the New York Times (February 27, 2005) ''They don't see this as a case of criminality. They see it as a civil rights case. As a frontal attack on their community.

''The feeling I get here on a daily basis must be what it was like to be a member of Martin Luther King Jr.'s church following the case of Rosa Parks.  People always ask, 'What is the latest from the courthouse?'''

Abdul- Malik also defended Ali Al Timimi , a Muslim cleric of Fairfax, Va., who was convicted in April, 2005 and is serving a life sentence in a federal prison for counseling others to wage war against the United States and use firearms and explosives in furtherance of violent crimes.

Abdul-Malik saw it as a free speech issue.

''There is a view many Muslims have when they come to America that you could not be arrested for something you say,'' Abdul- Malik, told the New York Times (April 27, 2005) when asked about the conviction.  ''But now they have discovered they are not free to speak their minds. And if our opinions are out of vogue in the current climate, we feel we are all at risk.''

Abdul-Malik was often cited as the spokesman for the Dar Al Hijrah mosque and he used his position there to defend numerous convicted terrorists and question the judicial system in the United States.

We hope that you will take the necessary steps to ensure that this enemy of freedom and the United States is not honored with an appearance before the General Assembly.  Failing that we ask that you boycott that day’s session in order to register your disapproval of this man’s behavior and his contempt for the rule of law.

Thank you.


James Lafferty

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