Monday, September 27, 2010

Press Release

Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force

Contact: 703-931-2324

VAST Calls for “Full Disclosure” from Fairfax Supervisors Considering Vote on Radical Saudi Academy’s Lease

Connolly Took Saudi Money While Promoting/Voting on Radical School Lease

A Virginia group has called on members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to “fully disclose” donations they have received from groups and individuals with an interest in the October 19 hearing on the renewal of the lease of the radical Islamic Saudi Academy on Route 1.

James Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (VAST) said in a letter to each Supervisor that he was concerned because former Board Chairman Gerry Connolly received numerous contributions to his Congressional campaign as he was shepherding the last ISA lease renewal through the board and attacking opponents.

An Associated Press report on June 17, 2008 stated: “The board’s chairman Gerry Connolly, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 11th District offered a strong defense of the school and accused critics of slander during the meeting in which the lease was approved.”

“Connolly should have recused himself from the process but instead he carried the water for the Islamist radicals and cashed a lot of their checks,” said Lafferty. “Many of the contributions were to his Congressional campaign but , at least, one of them was not reported to the Federal Elections Commission.

“We are asking each Board member to check his/her records and if they have accepted contributions from any entity connected to the ISA and that includes CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America and any other Islamist groups and any individuals or officials of any of the local mosques, we are asking them to comply with the law and recuse themselves.

While promoting the last ISA lease renewal in 2008, Connolly received the following support from those with a strong interest in the radical school operated by the Saudi government:

Nihad Awad donated $500 on January 24, 2008. Awad is a founder of CAIR and stated in a 1994 speech in Florida “After I researched the situation inside and outside Palestine, I am in support of the Hamas movement.”

Yaqub Mirza gave $1,000 on January 12, 2008. Mirza is a prominent leader in the Safa group, a radical Islamist operation in Northern Virginia. Congressman Andre Carson (D-Indiana), a Muslim, returned a Mirza donation to his campaign.

Hisham al-Talib gave $1,000 on January 24, 2008. Al Talib is another Safa leader.

Arab-American Leadership PAC, a group funded partially by the radical Muslim Brotherhood, donated $2,000 during the 2008 cycle.

Connolly also received $18,758 from Qorvis Communications in 2006 through 2008, according to published reports. Qorvis represents the Saudi government. Its Washington and Virginia offices were raided by the FBI after the 9/11 attacks. The embassy of the Saudi government is listed as the owner/operator of the ISA.

“Connolly was busy cashing checks and shilling for the Saudis but we didn’t find out about it until after the vote was taken and after he had called the citizen opposition ‘slanderers’ and ‘bigots’.

“Shortly after the vote was taken, Connolly called on the State Department to investigate the ISA. He tried to have it a variety of ways.

“We want to ensure that no other Board member follows his scurrilous example and gets purchased, leased or rented by the Saudis and their radical operatives.”

VAST is a coalition of citizens and organizations opposed to the spread of radical Shariah influence, law and practices in Virginia and across America. VAST has opposed the expansion of the radical Islamic Saudi Academy in Virginia, the construction of radical mosques in Tennessee and the Ground Zero Mosque in New York. For more information call (703) 931-2324.

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